Why is Persian Waxing A Preferred Choice?

When it comes to the pain factor, there are many who are put off by waxing…not resorting to it unless there is really no other way. But for those who shun waxing – and believe it, you’re not alone – there is a way in which you can get rid of unwanted body hair minus the mess, fuss and pain. Welcome to the world of Persian waxing, otherwise known as sugaring.

Here’s your guide to the different features of sugaring/Persian waxing.

The basic formula!

The main ingredient of Persian waxing is sugar, along with lemon. Therefore the formula for a Persian wax is devoid of synthetic dye and artificial fragrance…in fact anything synthetic is absent in a Persian wax. This makes it superior because not only are the ingredients natural, but easily available as well. So anytime you want to whip up a batch of Persian wax, all you need to do is pay a quick visit to the supermarket.

Persian Waxing

Sugar is also easily washed away, so when you commence a Persian waxing session, all you need is a bowl of water and a clean cloth. Once you’re done with the wax, just wash off/wipe it off with clear water.

No Pain, just gain hair free satiny smooth skin!

Persian wax is not painful because the sugar lump used, though pliable, is not hot like normal wax, but lukewarm. Even your skin will have nothing to complain about – no red botches, no rash, no pain…only that silky satin feel!

 So, when you have to wax the more sensitive parts of your body, it would be wise to stick to Persian waxing rather than go for normal waxing.

Privacy and Efficacy!

And the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to visit the expensive salons for a Persian wax, just watch the videos provided and you can do it all by yourself, at Home! All you need are the basic ingredients for the recipe, clean cloth, and water and talcum/baby powder [to be applied on the skin before applying Persian wax, so that the hair is easier to pull out from the roots].

Here you go…

Recipe for a Persian wax:


And as for how is sugaring/ Persian wax performed…

Watch closely:

You might want to try it out, and find the difference between normal waxing and Persian waxing yourself, and then you can add your own pointers/views on the Sugaring Vs. Waxing debate.


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