Why go French for your Next Bikini Waxing Session!

Most women wouldn’t dream of going to the beach without a basic bikini wax. But for the more adventurous woman, a bikini wax could go beyond the areas visible when you are wearing a bikini. And for those women you have the specialized bikini wax styles. Of course, for hygiene reasons, aesthetic reasons, or to impress a special someone you may want to go for these too…

To top it off, if you are a little apprehensive about using hot wax in that area, you could choose French Wax because the style involves use of cold wax instead of hot!

What does the style look like?

The French wax has as its basic features:

  • No or little hair in front.
  • If you choose to leave hair in front it is usually in the form of a triangle or a landing strip (or shapes and letters for those who are into that sort of thing!)
  • The back or buttocks aren’t waxed though.
  • However, the area in between, so to speak, is waxed…
So, what should you do to get it?

Preparing for a French Wax

Here are a few things you should do to prepare your bikini area for a wax:

  1. Exfoliate the region to reduce the difficulty faced in waxing.
  2. It is also advisable to take some pain medication about 30-40 minutes before the waxing session.
  3. You may also use a numbing cream before waxing, as the bikini region is particularly sensitive. But on the downside, it might cause a breakout in some women.
  4. Make sure your hair is trimmed to the desired length – too long, and it’ll be difficult to wax, and too shortl will reduce the adhesiveness of the wax and not give you a good wax.
And now for the to-do…

How to Get the Perfect French Bikini Wax

Here are the steps to get the perfect French Wax this summer:

  1. First find yourself a good and hygienic salon, whose aesthetician you can trust with this sensitive part of yours!
  2. Be clear and lay down before your aesthetician, exactly what you want in terms of style, and also exactly which part of the procedure you are not willing to undergo.
  3. Once the decision part is done, just lie back and relax. Thinking about what’s happening will only make you more aware of the pain!
  4. Once the process is over, ask for a small mirror and check out if it is what you wanted. Small modifications can be made unless the aesthetician waxed a little more than you wanted to!
And now…

Advantages of Going French

Why go French? Because:

  • It is less painful than Brazilian.
  • It does not require you to be in weird positions, unlike Brazilian.
  • The waxing isn’t as extensive as Brazilian.
So go for a French wax and stay well prepared for any trips to the beach but minus the razor burns and nicks!

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