When is the right age for your girl to go waxing?

When exactly can a girl go for her first waxing session – the question is debatable and one that there is no definite answer to. Some parents (read mothers) are overly concerned about their girls’ looks and want them to go for their first waxing session as soon as they enter their teens.

And then there are parents, who don’t want their girls to look all grown up – they are averse to the idea of their 11 year old looking like a 15 year old. Again, there are some who think that their daughters will not be able to withstand the pain of waxing and hence they should wait.

This is the ‘parents’ aspect of it. But what about the daughters? Girls have this indomitable curiosity to step into their mother’s shoes and imitate the way she looks and dresses. No wonder, they are too keen to go waxing. Salon owners these days are claiming that girls as young as 8 are coming to get their unwanted body hair removed. They want to get rid of the hair on the upper lip and also shape their eyebrows. They do this to boost their self esteem and they feel much confident about themselves once they flaunt a smooth hairless skin.

Right age for your girl to go waxing
But then, if an impartial view was to be given, what would it be?

When is the right age to wax?

To put it plainly, there is no specific age for waxing. It really depends on the girl and her mother. If your daughter is getting self conscious about her growing body hair, then you can consider getting it waxed. However, the decision also depends on you – the mother. It is also important to find out if you are comfortable with the idea of your daughter undergoing waxing.

To cite the recent trend, most girls start waxing around the age of 12 and 13. If your daughter has never waxed or shaved before, it would be better you advise your daughter to opt for waxing. This will render a smooth finish and long-lasting effect.

You should also keep in mind that waxing might be too painful for your daughter and the pain might last for weeks. But then, if she is willing to withstand the pain and wants to sport her brand new short skirt and tank top then, by all means, give her the green signal.

 And if she is okay without waxing – then don’t push her!

To sum up, it all depends on how comfortable you, the mother and your daughter are with the idea of taking the first step towards waxing.

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