What Are The Body Parts You Can Consider Waxing?

Waxing, as a form of hair removal, is not new. It started as early as with the ancient Egyptians who regarded a smooth and hairless body to be a mark of innocence and a standard of youth and beauty in women. The practice was adapted by the Greeks and the Romans later on.

Even today, waxing continues to be a fast and long-lasting way of keeping your skin hair-free and looking smooth. Moreover, waxing, being a relatively cost-effective method of hair removal is often preferred by both men and women.

Here’s a list of the body parts most people consider waxing regularly:  

#1: Eyebrow

Eyebrow waxing  is probably one of the fastest ways to shape your eyebrows. Moreover, the results last longer than plucking and tweezing.

#2: Face

This is usually an option considered by women. If done correctly, facial waxing can leave your face smooth and free of hair for many weeks. Moreover, when compared with other facial hair removal processes like laser treatment, waxing is a fairly inexpensive option.

#3: Leg

The basic mantra to make your legs sexy and gorgeous is to keep them in shape, and keep them hair-free.  Waxing can give your legs  that very coveted silk-n-smooth look and to top that, you can also do it on your own.

#4: Arms

No matter how smartly and meticulously you dress up, your grooming remains incomplete without smooth, clean and hairless arms. When it comes to waxing arms, most women appear to have a clear preference for waxing over other hair removal options because it is faster, relatively inexpensive and the effect can last for a long time.

Moreover, you can wax your arms right within the comfort of your home, and if done with a little care, it is not likely to induce much pain.

#5: Underarms

Apart from the ‘aesthetics’ factor, clean, hair-free underarms  can also help you tackle body odor better. Also, waxing is quite an effective way to remove dead cells from your skin surface, thus giving your underarms a smooth appearance.

#6: Abdomen

Abdomen hair  can be embarrassing, especially for women. Though having light fuzz around your abdomen is nothing abnormal, you can safely wax it away and have a fuzz-free abdomen for weeks.

#7: Bikini Line

The words “bikini wax” might automatically send a shudder down your spine. Bikini wax, which generally involves removal of pubic hair, is known to induce severe pain on the one undergoing it. Moreover, this form of waxing, if performed in unhygienic conditions and by inexperienced hand, can lead to many unfavorable circumstances.

However, you can still consider going for bikini waxing, provided you take the necessary precautions and prepare yourself the right way to make the waxing session more comfortable. . You can choose from the different types of bikini wax.

#8: Chest

Often performed in men, chest waxing  does have its own set of pros and cons. So if you consider undergoing it, make sure that you consult an expert beforehand.

#9: Back

Of all the other body parts that men like to remove hair from, the back  tops the list. Though waxing your back at home can be a cost efficient option for hair removal, consider having your back waxed with a professional. This is because he can execute the process in a more efficient manner, and at the same time, take care to lessen the discomfort that you might suffer.

Before you consider waxing, make sure that you get to know the dos and don’ts so that you don’t experience any of the side effects  that people who go for waxing often complain of. Also, make certain that you take the necessary precautions to reduce the pain  that waxing calls for.

Wishing you luck!

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