Waxing With Cream Wax – The Complete Picture!

Waxing ingredient options are numerous. And one of the most appreciated and a popular product, — especially if you are thinking of waxing your facial hair – is cream wax! Cream wax is better because of its smooth consistency and it is easy to work when compared to its sticky counterparts.

Cream Wax
But, before we go on to explain the directions for using cream wax, here are the

Benefits of Using Cream Wax

  • Being less sticky, waxing with cream wax is less painful.
  • It is ideal for using on the face, which a sensitive body part. Waxing your face with hot/cold wax can result in redness and inflamed skin. Moreover, the area around the eye is also very sensitive, therefore the gentler the wax…the better.
  • Cream wax also contains conditioning agents – it not only gives you a smooth waxing finish but also moisturizes your skin and protects you against redness and inflamed skin.
So, cream wax is the way to go with facial hair and also for no-pain waxing. However, because of these benefits, the market is flooded with a wide range of cream wax options…so which one should you choose?

An ideal option will be GiGi Tea Tree Creme Wax Antiseptic Formula Hair Removal Wax!
This cream wax attains a thinner consistency if kept in a low temperature. The application is smooth and the product works ideally on sensitive skin. Your skin will be left satin-smooth minus any wax residue.

Moreover, thanks to its antiseptic properties, you can rest assured that there will be no post-wax allergies and irritations.

This is how you can use your cream wax!

And here are

Tips to get the best result from Cream Wax

  • Once you are done with the waxing, pat dry your skin and don’t rub – that might lead to skin irritation.
  • You MUST read the usage directions on the cream wax package carefully.
Here’s to your no-pain waxing session and silky smooth skin that you are ready to flaunt!!

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