Waxing VS Shaving: Choose The Right Method Even As The Battle Of Opinions Rages on

This one has been on for quite some time now… You will find many a person saying that Shaving is THE way to go… Ask them why, and they’ll give a host of different reasons, these included:

  • It is the D-I-Y method of hair removal that you can do even in the bath.
  • You don’t need to schedule an appointment, obviously.
  • It is painless…

    Waxing VS Shaving

And maybe a few others! But, have you ever considered its downsides? No? Well, here they are:

  • One little miss, and you could get nicks and cuts!
  • Since you are basically just cutting off the visible part of the hair, it will just grow back and much sooner than waxing, maybe in even 2-3 days!
  • Shaving is known to cause red bumps on the skin – these are basically inflammation caused by irritation of the skin and are called Razor Burns.
  • Shaving also causes ingrown hair!

Okay… so are you now leaning towards waxing already? You must be… So let’s seal the deal with

The reasons why you should wax to remove hair

As opposed to shaving, waxing is a much better method of hair removal. Yes, it may be a little painful, but then it is the safer and healthier method. Here are some other reasons to consider:

  • Since wax pulls your hair right out from the follicle, the next cycle of hair growth takes a while to appear. So the effects of a wax last longer – anywhere between 3-6 weeks.
  • If you exfoliate properly and care for your skin adequately, you can avoid skin tear as well as ingrown hairs!
  • You needn’t necessarily make an appointment, you CAN do a DIY wax at home.
  • If you use a numbing cream or take a painkiller beforehand, it can take care of the pain as well.
  • You can remove hair through waxing from many parts of the body. Shaving isn’t an option for most of these places!

Waxing VS Shaving_Choose The Right Method
Why not leave shaving for men’s facial hair and choose waxing instead? And in case you are a beginner, understandably, waxing can be quite a riddle as opposed to shaving, but why not find the answers to all your first time waxing questions today?

So, are you yet to make the choice?

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