Waxing VS Laser Hair Removal – In Whose Favor Do The Scales Tip?!

Which is better- waxing or laser hair removal? This question has been a matter of debate for a long time now. While the answer depends on personal choice, this choice itself depends on your knowledge of both these forms of hair removal. So here you go – read on and make your choice.

Definition: Waxing is a semi permanent method of getting rid of body hair, while laser therapy is a known permanent method of body hair removal.  Waxing is best for people with coarse body hair. Laser therapy works for every type of body hair and is comparatively a more permanent solution.

Waxing VS Laser Hair Removal

  • With waxing, body hair is uprooted from the hair follicles of their roots. Wax is applied on your body and once your body hair gets entangled in the wax, it is ripped off your body leaving the smooth, silky skin behind. It takes about 2 weeks for new hair to form and surface, but this time period varies from person to person, and with time, your body hair grows scarce and barely visible.
  • With laser therapy, intense heat from a laser ray is used to ‘burn’ the hair follicles, to inhibit hair growth right from the follicular stage.  The body hair falls out within 2-3 weeks following the treatment. Although you might have heard that laser hair removal is permanent, regrowth is not unusual, and this re-growth essentially depends on your body’s hair type (dense or otherwise), the growth rate and the texture of your body hair.


  • Post waxing, your body is likely to remain hair-free, smooth and silky for about 2 weeks, sometimes, this hair-less state lasts for almost a fortnight. And the hair grows much finer if waxing is done regularly.
  • After a laser therapy session, body hair remains absent for a long period of time, but this time period varies from person to person. If you have thick hair growth, your body hair might grow back within a short span of time. The hair grows lighter and finer, but you are more likely to need a retouch every six months.


  • You will come across waxing options in most salons, and in almost every second place. What’s more, you can also execute a perfect waxing session at home, thanks to DIY waxing kits easily available.
  • However, the same cannot be said of laser hair removal therapy. It must be done by trained professionals at licensed facilities. These facilities are found in large cities, and the cost of reaching these spots is a lot more than the cost of just stopping at the nearest salon for a waxing session.

Cost factor:

  • Waxing costs vary depending on the salon you are getting waxed at, but the average cost is not much. You might argue that the long term recurring cost of going for a waxing session is more than that of a laser session. But the counter argument is that your need for waxing might come down significantly depending on your body hair growth rate. With time, you don’t need to wax more than once in say 2 months.
  • According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost for a laser hair removal session is $429. And your body hair growth decides how often you need a re-touching.

Problems that you face:

  • With waxing, the problems you might suffer from are the ‘burns’ from the wax, bruising, skin tear, secondary skin infection or ingrown hair. But then again, if your waxing is performed by a skilled professional, you will feel minimal pain and very little of these side effects.
  • As Mayo Clinic points out, with laser hair removal, you can experience skin irritation, scabbing, crusting, Pigmentation of the skin, blistering, as well as scarring.

So, we can infer from the comparative study…

  • You don’t have to spend a lot for waxing, and you can get it done almost anywhere including your home.
  • The chances of side effects from waxing are less, and less dangerous than what you might suffer from laser hair removal.
  • With waxing, you always have the option of DIY, there is no such option for laser hair therapy.

 Waxing is safer, easier and pocket friendly.

Having come across the advantages and disadvantages of both the types of hair removal, the final decision is yours!

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