10 Steps For A Successful Male Waxing Session at Home

Waxing is fast gaining popularity among men. Yet, the inhibitions have not completely gone away! So, if you wish for a hair-free and smooth body and you don’t want the attention you may draw while doing it at a salon …the option you have is, waxing at home!

Start by acquiring a professional waxing kit! Also, make sure that the hair on your body is around ¼” in length. If it is longer than that, waxing will be painful and if the hair is shorter, the waxing will not be clean and you will be left with stray or ingrown hair strands here and there.

And once you’ve got yourself a good waxing kit, follow these…

Steps of Male Waxing

(Note: The Steps pertain to chest waxing in particular)

  1. Take a shower. It will clean the areas that you want to wax.
  2. Do not apply oil or moisturizer on the area to be waxed. Dry skin helps better in waxing than moisturized skin.
  3. Heat the wax. But do not make it too hot! Otherwise your skin can get scalded. You can perform a patch test on the skin at your inner wrist to be sure of the temperature.
  4. Now apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth. The wax should cover the hair evenly. However, it should not be too thick. And one more thing; do not put wax on or around the nipple region.
  5. Spread out the cotton strips on the wax-covered region. Apply pressure with hands to ensure that the strips have ‘stuck’ to the skin.
  6. Now, pull it off in the direction opposite from that of the hair growth, in one quick stroke. Ensure that the hair is pulled out from its root.
  7. If you pull the strip gently or in the incorrect direction…it will hurt more and the wax will stay back on the skin.
  8. Repeat the steps of wax application and removal according to requirement. But don’t repeat it more than two to three times in one particular region. It will irritate and inflame the skin.
  9. After the waxing is done, it is time to soothe the skin and prevent bumps from appearing on your skin. Begin with applying a cold compress on the waxed area. You can also apply a gel or lotion to soothe the area.
  10. Clean the used strips from the room or the washroom and your job is done.

The steps are simple and easy to follow! And once you have followed these steps as accurately as you can, get ready to flaunt a beautiful and smooth body!

Good Luck!

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