8 Top Requisites For A Perfect Male Body Wax

It is true that the male physiology is way different from that of females, and so when it comes to waxing body hair, men need something extra. Men have coarser and thicker body hair, and so you have to pay a little more attention to the products that you use to accomplish a successful waxing session.

The following are the basic items that make for a flawless waxing session:

  1. Pre-wax lotions: help to clean all traces of sweat and bacteria that might coat the skin. Once you apply a good pre-wax lotion, it can make the waxing process painless and hassle free. It also allows you to wax any part of the body without worrying about stinging or any sort of discomfort.
  2. Waxing spatulas: are important as they help in spreading out the wax evenly. And unless the wax is spread smoothly over your body hair, waxing will remain only partially successful. To avoid having to apply wax on the same area repeatedly, invest in a good spatula, it can be a wooden spatula, or plastic models.
  3. Gloves: it is better to use a pair of gloves when you are waxing, mainly for hygiene considerations. Buy a good pair of latex or vinyl gloves, they are easy to use and do not restrict your movement.
  4. Waxing strips: invest in a set of easy to use waxing strips; you can even make them yourself out of cotton cloth. Make sure the cloth is strong and does not rip during the waxing procedure. A typical waxing session requires anything between 15-20 waxing strips.
  5. Wax heater: if you want the wax to be of just the right consistency, without facing the hassle of either runny or solid wax, invest in a good wax heater. Wax heaters come in different shapes and sizes and matching price ranges.
  6. Wax: this is the most important ingredient. You can try a hot wax or a crème wax, but do choose a wax that is recommended for male body hair. Luckily, most manufacturers are offering waxes specially meant for men.
  7. After wax lotions: they are as important as pre wax lotions and a good after wax moisturizing lotion reduces the discomfort. It soothes the skin and some come with astringent properties that cut down the chances of infections.
  8. Precision tweezers: allow you to get rid of stubborn body hair that even a thorough waxing session hasn’t been able to dislocate.
And now that you know what you need for a perfect waxing session, it is time to move on to the tips for a successful male wax session.

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