How To Choose A Salon For The Most Hygienic Wax

Since Waxing involves pulling out the hair from the roots, it can result in minor tears and injuries. While your body is well equipped to heal itself in such cases, if the injury becomes the opening through which you contract an infection, chances are your body will not be able to deal with it so easily.

Hygienic Wax
And in the worst case scenario – it can lead to other, bigger problems too.

How do you find a way around this? By ensuring that the waxing is done keeping the highest hygiene standards in mind, you can avoid such infection scares. When you do it at home, you always ensure that everything is clean and sterilized and new. But when you go to a salon or spa, how can you ensure complete hygiene?

Well, basically, you can’t – but looking out for a few signs when choosing the salon could ensure that you are going in for a safe experience.

The “Have-nots” and the “Haves” to check


As the name suggests – these attributes your salon should not have

  • Everything – equipment, products and the rest are all messy.
  • When any sessions (not just waxing, but others too) are over, the used equipment is directly put back into drawers or boxes, instead of being put in the sterilizer.
  • Waxing pots with wax all over it.
  • Dirty containers and shelves.
  • Inability to explain the hygiene standards when asked.

And now for the…


  • The aesthetician wears gloves during the procedure.
  • They make you fill up a questionnaire at the start – a client questionnaire asking you about allergies, medicine you take, and conditions you may have.
  • The rollers used to apply the wax should be clean.
  • They make you lie down on paper “sheets” instead of cloth.
  • There’s no double dipping the spatula in the wax pot.
  • For bikini wax, they provide you with a disposable panty to wear.
  • Also, if you see an aesthetician who’s been there for a while – that person is bound to be experienced.

There’s no replacement for hygiene and cleanliness – especially where your health and your delicate skin are concerned. And one of the first precautions to take is to choose your salon wisely. Therefore, take a trip around the salon first, before making an appointment, and then pick…

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