How To Accomplish A Successful Bikini Waxing Session At Home

There are 3 very clear reasons why you should try bikini waxing at home:

  • It gives you an amount of privacy that no salon can provide
  • It is cheaper than going to expensive salons
  • With the feeling of being more in control your perspective of pain tolerance may improve, helping you to wince less.

But to ensure a successful bikini wax at home it is crucial that you know the procedure step by step. Otherwise, a simple session of bikini waxing can turn painful and troublesome.

In fact, unless you are as good as a pro at waxing your arms and legs, don’t try bikini waxing…even the slightest hint of carelessness…and OUCH! It is going to hurt…a LOT!!
And before you move on to the procedure itself, here are a few Precautions you must stay aware of:

  • The pubic area is very sensitive, make sure to avoid any source of irritation.
  • If you have ever gone in for bikini waxing before, it is best to trim the region with a good razor.
  • Don’t forget to do a patch test on the uppermost part of your thigh, just to ensure that you are not allergic to wax.
  • Leave the mucous membrane around the vulva for the end because this section is even more sensitive.
  • Avoid using oil based lotions, use oatmeal based powders to soothe the region instead.
  • If you experience any sort of discomfort that lasts long after the process is over, you should consult a dermatologist. You don’t want to suffer Folliculitis.

Here are the Steps to follow before you go in for a bikini wax:

  • Buy a good waxing kit, meant especially for bikini/Brazilian waxing. You also need a trimming razor and oatmeal lotion. The other requisites are found in the kit itself.
  • Be sure about which style you plan to adopt: neat rectangular, or a full Brazilian wax.
  • Take a shower, it softens your skin and makes the discomfort bearable while you wax. You can also use this opportunity to trim the regions to be waxed.
  • Choose the room carefully; it should ideally be furnished with a bed and a waste bin.
  • Heat the wax to the correct temperature. Make sure it is not too hot or runny, neither is it too solid.
  • Do patch tests with the wax, apply a dab on your wrist, and if the temperature is too hot let the wax cool a little.
  • Get in position; sit on the bed with your feet placed flat on the ground, so that you have access to your pubic region.

To know how to apply the wax and remove it, read up the basic steps of waxing at home.

Follow up with the following steps:

  • Apply oatmeal based powder/lotion to moisturize and remove the remnant traces of wax.
  • Tweeze the remaining strands if any.
  • Exfoliate gently but properly to avoid in-grown hair.

Just follow these simple steps for a perfect bikini waxing session at home!

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