How First Timers Can Prepare Themselves For A Smooth Waxing Session

Are you considering getting waxed for the first time? Feeling apprehensive about the factors (such as the pain and skin inflammation) that often bug those getting waxing done for the first time? Well, you can prevent the extreme pain and just about any of the so-called side effects of waxing  if you prepare yourself well ahead.

And here’s how you can do it.

#1: Choose between DIY and getting it done at a Salon

When undergoing waxing for the first time, make sure that you get it done by a professional .  Consider doing it on your own only after you get a hang of the procedure.

Smooth Waxing Session
#2: Learn how to wax

To get the desired results, you need to perform waxing the right  way. Waxing done via improper techniques can lead to ingrown hair and pimples.

#3: ‘Prepare’ Your Skin

 Never go for waxing unless you have ‘prepared’ your skin for it. Make sure that:

  • You check for broken skin, suntan, irritations or other breakout. It is dangerous to wax if you have any skin issues. Wait until they are healed.
  • You don’t wax over warts or moles as they could get pulled out while you wax. To prevent this, you might put a band-aid over them while waxing.
  • You wait till your hair grows at least to 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch (approximately 13 to 19 mm).  Waxing hair shorter than that (unless it is facial hair) might not give the desired results.
  • You clean your skin properly before waxing. Cleanse and exfoliate your skin with mild skin care products.

Preparing  for Smooth Waxing
#4: Apply some heat

Consider taking a warm shower or bath, or applying a warm compress just before waxing. This will open up the skin pores and soften it, thus allowing the hair follicles to come out easily. This will also help reduce the pain that people associate with waxing.

#5: Take steps to prevent pain

You can also take a mild painkiller to reduce the pain

#6: Prepare the body part to be waxed

No matter the part of body  you are going to wax, it is necessary to prepare that area well beforehand.

Finally, don’t forget to wear loose-fitting clothing as you get ready for a waxing session. This will help to prevent irritation post-waxing session. And more importantly, stay RELAXED!!! The more relaxed your muscles are, the better your hair removal results are going to be.

Go ahead. There’s really nothing to worry about!

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