Effective Tips To Comfortably Wax Your Abdomen Hair

Does the unsightly fuzzy hair all over your belly embarrass you when you step into the pool? Well, waxing can come to your rescue and keep your abdomen smooth and sexy for weeks to come…

Though waxing in tender areas like abdomen is best done by professionals, you can try it at home, provided you take the right preparatory steps, and get a friend to help you out.

This is how you should prepare for belly waxing

  • Clean your belly using a pre-wax cleanser.
  • After that, apply a light dusting of powder/ cornstarch.
  • Make sure that your hair is no more than ¼” long when you wax it. You can also consider trimming your belly hair before you wax.
  • When it comes to choosing the type of wax you should be using, it is ideal that you go for hard wax as it does not need to be pulled off in the direction opposite to that of hair growth. Thus, it makes the process less painful.
  • Apply a thin layer of wax on your skin. Cover this layer with a muslin strip. Make certain that you leave a small part of the cloth up and away from the wax so that you can use it as a handle or tab.
  • When it comes to choosing waxing strip, go for one which is slightly larger than your stomach. As a matter of fact, waxing kits come with wax strips of different sizes and shapes for waxing different areas of the body.
Moving on to…

How You Should Wax Your Abdomen

This video can help you out…

And after you have waxed your abdomen:
Gigi Post Wax
  • Tweeze the remaining hair. Do not wax repeatedly as it can cause scalding, skin irritation and even skin removal.
  • Apply an after wax lotion or a calming aloe gel.
  • Do not touch the freshly waxed area unnecessarily as it can lead to bacteria build up.
This is how you can make your abdomen hairless, and thereby sexier, without burning a hole in your pocket. Do you want to give it a shot now?

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