9 Reasons To Make Waxing Your Own Hair Removal Secret!

Have you ever wondered exactly why waxing, as a hair removal method, is so popular all around the world? Yes, it is somewhat painful, but it also comes with its own set of pros! Read on to find out why you too should choose waxing!

The 9 Reasons to Choose Waxing!

  1. It is quick – quicker than other modes of hair removal!

  2. You can do it at home or at the salon… So if you’re feeling a li’l lazy, you need only book an appointment at your trusted salon!

  3. After a few repeat sessions, it is seen that the damage to the hair follicle due to waxing makes the hair that grows back thinner. In the long run it can be a permanent solution!

  4. It lasts longer than your usual threading  or shaving results – anywhere between 4-6 weeks, as opposed to the 3 days after shaving!

  5. The re-growing of hair takes a while to start, so appearance of the sudden unwanted hair in the middle of the day can be avoided somewhat.

  6. While it is painful, using the right techniques  and a numbing cream or gel beforehand can do away with that as well!

  7. Threading and shaving can result in nicks and cuts… no such chance with waxing.

  8. You can completely bypass the ingrown-hair horror of shaving with waxing!

  9. And of course, out of all the temporary hair removal methods, waxing is the safest, not requiring the use of any sharp objects (razors, tweezers) or any harmful chemicals (like those in hair removal creams).

Of course, quite a few of these advantages are lost if the waxing is done by inexperienced professionals, under unhygienic conditions, or without the proper pre- and post-wax preparations . But once you’ve got these factors covered, rest assured that you’ll get the best hair removal results with Waxing!

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