7 Side Effects Of Waxing That You Can Fortunately Avoid!

Waxing is the chosen mode of hair removal the world over. And why would it not be, considering we live in a world where women at least, if not men too, are considered to be more beautiful without body hair. But in spite of being the chosen mode of hair-removal among millions, waxing still comes with its own share of cons – namely its side effects.

Effects Of Waxing
However, the fortunate part is that over the years these side effects have been observed and steps formulated that can counteract these side-effects. But – and this is where you need to pay close attention – all of these steps rely heavily on hygiene, proper technique and proper before and after care.

And now, here are…

The Side Effects and How to avoid them

#1 Allergic Reaction

This can happen to quite a few people, and it is a sign of sensitive skin. Unfortunately there is very little you can do after you have got the allergy. Instead, you should try to do a small patch test beforehand. And if you are allergic, well, waxing just isn’t for you.

#2 Ingrown Hairs

Enough has been said about this particular side effect of waxing. It is quite natural, especially if the before and after care hasn’t been correctly done. Also it can be caused by incorrect technique.

Avoid ingrown hair by exfoliating properly, preparing for the wax  the way you should, and by going to a salon that has their techniques right and doesn’t pull the wax strip off in the wrong direction!

#3 Dryness and Pimples

Waxing can be a little harsh on the outermost layer of your skin. It tends to dry the skin and in case there is any broken skin, the least bit of recklessness about hygiene leads to infection and pimples.

To avoid the dryness and the pimples, ensure that the waxing is done following the best techniques, and you clean your skin properly before you wax.

#4 Severe Infections

Though not very common, infections can occur especially if the waxing is done in very unhygienic conditions and it results in broken and injured skin. The condition can get especially aggravated in the case of diabetics.

Therefore, if you have diabetes, consider a hair removal method other than waxing. Or if you must, get it done only at a certified and very reliable salon where you can be absolutely sure about your health.

hair removal
#5 Bruising and Bleeding

Again, remember that the hair is being pulled out from the follicle by force. It may result in skin tear, especially in the case of sensitive skin.

It is best to go to a salon where you are assured of the best possible care, technique and hygiene to avoid this particular side effect. Especially if you have delicate skin, and it is your first wax, DIY shouldn’t be the path to take.

#6 Discoloration and Skin burns

It is possible that some people find a discoloration or pigmentation of the skin post waxing. This can be caused due to a number of reasons – either the wax was too hot, or your skin too sensitive, or it is pigmentation caused by waxing-related skin inflammation.

The proper technique, the right temperature of wax and proper preparation and after care can go a long way in preventing such discoloration.

#7 Redness and Swelling

This is by far the most common side effect of waxing. While it isn’t something to worry about, it does cause considerable discomfort.

To prevent it, avoid wax that is too hot, don’t pull the wax off in the wrong direction and keep a cold compress handy and apply it right after waxing.

Waxing is considered to be the safest form of hair removal – way better than shaving, hair-removal creams or threading. However, safety in anything is always related to the procedure that is followed and the precautions that are taken. Therefore, now, that you know about the side effects, take the necessary precautions so that you have that flawless hair-free look, without it taking a toll on your skin!

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