10 Steps To Ensure That Pimples Do Not Attack Your Post Waxed Skin

One of the more persistent problems faced by some after waxing is a pimple attack. Instead of smooth hair-free skin, you have red bumps and pimples dotting your skin, skin that by all rights should feel satiny smooth. But fear not, there are means of warding off pimples both pre and post waxing.

Here’s your guide to the tricks to avoiding breakouts after a waxing session.

Pre-waxing tricks:

  • Exfoliate: Pimples occur due to oil deposits as well as dirt particles that clog the pores. Hence, the first action should be to exfoliate. A gentle but thorough scrub will get rid of dead skin cells alongside the dirt and oil residue.
  • Cleanse: use a good quality pre-waxing cleanser to get rid of the remnant oil/dirt and prepare the skin for waxing.
  • Scrubbing: even your hands and nails can be the breeding grounds of bacteria that can give birth to pimples and breakouts. So, scrub your hands if you are waxing by yourself, and if you are getting it done by a professional, insist the same of him or her.
  • Say NO to double dipping: if your pimple problem is grave, try not to dip the applicator in the wax more than once, and if possible, use a different applicator for each dip.

Scrubbing after wax

Now for the post waxing tricks:

  • Cleanse: this time apply witch hazel with a cotton ball on the waxed skin to cut out chances of bacterial growth.
  • Try to keep your hands off: touching your soft smooth skin can be tempting, but remember the amount of bacteria present on your hands? You can’t keep washing and sanitizing your hands, so keep your touching to a minimum.
  • Exfoliate: but wait for at least 24 hours before you exfoliate your skin. This time you can use products having tea tree oil or aloe vera because they reduce chances of microbes and pimples.
  • Restraint and abstinence pays off: you need to stay away from spas, pedicures, manicures and any such skin treatment that can bring about a spell of pimples. Remember, your skin is still sensitive from the waxing even if you don’t feel it.
  • Stay away from sweat, chlorine water: it is a good idea to not exercise after waxing, ditto for swimming in public or private pools. Give your skin at least 48 hours before you go for either of these.
  • Stay loose: wearing loose comfortable clothing gives your skin scope to breathe. This is important if you want to avoid suffering from breakouts.

post waxing tricks
What if you still get pimples in spite of your best efforts?

Sadly, you might have to consider other means of getting rid of body hair.

Hopefully, you will follow the tricks to avoid having pimples post waxing and be able to flaunt beautiful skin with élan. You won’t know unless you give these tricks a try.

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